5:43 PM

Shew, it's been FOREVER since I've posted a blog (actually Sunday...but...) anyways... not a lot has happened. But what has happened has been interesting for once (Wow!) So sit back while I spill the beans on what has happened since Sunday...

Monday-got up and went to school. That's not really interesting but you know I kinda had to mention it. Well, it just like any other day of school - boring and...well boring. Well, later that night I came home..went to bed early around 8 and that's about it.

Tuesday-Well, this is where everything gets interesting. I get up and begin to get ready for school. Now every morning, I always turn on my radio while I'm getting ready and I heard the local radio station forecast SNOW. Usually however, they are wrong. But for once, they were right! At around 11:30, while I was sitting in Health, beautiful white snowflakes begin to fall. I could have been any happier. They let us out of school at 12:30 and I thought my day couldn't get any better. Boy, in about 2 hours my day took a 360 degree turn. Well, after they let us out of school early, my sister-in-law comes and picks me up in her crappy gray station wagon. So we're driving down the highway because she informs me she has multiple errands to run. No big deal. I didn't care. I was just happy to be out of school. Anyways, she drops me off at my house at 2. I get on ICQ. Well, my friend Mike who goes to another local high school happens to ask me if I wanted to go to Walmart with him. I said yes and my mom didn't care either. The hitch is however, I told her I was going with Erica (in all reality, Erica was going to but not technically with us) So, around 2:30 I take a walk down my driveway to meet Mike. We go to Walmart. Then we go to Unique Boutique so I could look at prom dresses. Then we go to Maurices and Underground Attitude so I could do some shopping with the 40 dollars I found in my pocket (lucky me!) Well, I get home around 5, only to find myself GROUNDED. Turns out, my father didn't know where I was and couldn't get ahold of my mother so he thought I had ran away or something totally ridiculous like that. So he grounds me for a month and a week. (I got the extra week added on for "smarting off"...) I'm still suppose to be grounded but I've snuck on here to tell you the lastest "news" in my life. Oh yeah, I'm still working on my website. Angelfire is starting to tick me off too. Making a website is just too complicated! But oh well..it gives me something to do.
Well, I must go. I hear my dad pulling up and yes I'm still technically grounded but I'm hoping it won't last much longer. Guess I can go read a book or do something educational for once :)
Til later...!


1:18 PM

I missed my ride to Charleston and I'm majorly PISSED! My dad didn't answer the phone in time, so therefore, Erica and Matt left without me. It's not their fault, but I'm still mad in general. Oh well. My mom's taking me shopping around here, so I guess that compensates for something.
It's Sunday, and I'm totally dreading the fact that tomorrow is Monday. Another week of school. I need a break so bad! I know I just got back from one, but already, I need another one. It's just too hard anymore.
And this weekend has been nothing but BORING. I've did nothing worthy of mentioning. I just hope next weekend isn't like this one.
Well, my mom's ready so I guess I'm going shopping....til later!
4:41 AM

This weekend so far has been such a bore. Tonight-I did nothing. Well, actually, I retract that. I did something, but nothing interesting.
Anywho, I got up around 5:30 in the evening, took a shower and my phone rings. It's Erica and she wants me to go over to aunt's with her and babysit her cousin Harleigh. I agree. So for the next 4 hours, I sit in a livingroom watching MTV and this little kid. No big deal. Harleigh is a great kid. Pop in a movie and she's quiet for hours. Too bad I wasn't like that when I was a kid. You had to almost tie me down as a kid just to get me to be still! No wonder my parents are so crazy today. But anyways, around 9 I came home and did absouletely nothing. I tried calling Anthony to see where he was tonight, but he was MIA (missing in action) Then I tried to call MJ..he wasn't available either. Which makes me wonder, where was everyone at tonight? Seems to be that everyone was MIA tonight. Oh well...
Tomorrow (well technically today..) I plan on going to Charleston with Erica and her boyfriend Matt. We're going shopping (YAY!) I'm so excited..I can't wait. I'm in a desperate search for new clothes. Well, it's getting late and I have to be up by 10 so we can leave for Charleston. Til later....!


9:49 PM

At home on a Friday. But not just any Friday, the Friday that I am actually BETTER from bronchitis and pneumonia, and where am I stuck at? Home. So here I sit, writing another blog to pass the time....it's quite sad what one will do for entertainment. Ah well! Angelfire is begining to tick me off-AGAIN. It's no wonder I quite this wepbage thing in the first place...it's too complicated. Too much work goes into making something and it turns out like crap. Well, I went to school today. I wished I hadn't. I found out now we have homework in French EVERY NIGHT because the principal believed we weren't receiving enough. Bullshit. (Pardon my FRENCH!) I'm so sick of school and every aspect of it. Homework this. Portfolios that. When do we ever just get time to do something that doesn't pertain to school? NEVER! And when there is actually time that I don't have to think about school, another problem arrises. So I never have time to myself anymore. Other than that, I guess life is okay. Jason and I got into another arguement (because I sleep too much) but I've been sick...so what does he expect? Oh well. We got over it pretty fast and realized we were acting so childish. haha. We were calling each other names. It was ridiculous. Well, I'm going for now. I'm going to call up MJ (my little shopping buddy!) and try to make an adventure to Walmart (cue the creepy music...dun dun dun!) Til later...!
5:05 AM

I am once again having trouble sleeping. I've had a nagging cough and a headache for most of the day. I don't intend on going to school today. I haven't been all week. That's one perk of being sick I suppose. Well, I'm back to design webpages again. It's something I vowed never to do again - but something brought me back to it :) Actually, it's just the fact that friendpages.com ticks me off because I can't express myself in the ways that I wish. Ah well. Jason come over today to see me. That was the highlight of my day :) We just sat in my favorite lounging chair and watched episodes of the Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Sexes. That Julie - what an ass. Melissa had every single right to confront her on national TV. So my props go to Melissa. KUDOS! I also watched the movie Shrek today. I found it to be quite interesting. It's not your typical fairy tale/kids movie. It also deserves props as well. Other than that, my day has been a total bore. I have nothing to do at this house besides tink around on the computer, and after a while, that gets boring as well. Anywho, I have nothing further to say - so until next time....later!